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Vue de la Vallée de Méribel

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Our valley is located in Tarentaise.

Champione of the tourist infrastructures, our area also knew to preserve part of its intact environment thanks to creation on July 6, 1963 of the National park of Vanoise. As more than one score of communes of Tarentaise and Maurienne, part of the territory of the commune of "Les Allues" composes the Park, one another Pre-Park.

Thanks to some keen defenders of the environment who still fought and fight against the appetites of certain developers, the in love ones with nature can still benefit from the exceptional framework of our area.

La Grande Casse ( 3852 m ) higher node of Vanoise,

such as one can see it since "La Traie" on the top of "Le Villard"

The Park of Vanoise comprises 107 nodes of more than 3000 m.

La dent de Burgin culminates to 2704 m.



The fauna of the Park is made up of approximately * 5000 chamois **, 1100 ibexes, 20 couples of eagles, large duke, lagapède, nut-crackers, marte, marmot **, variable hare, hermine, fox, blaireau, campagnol of snows, black grouse, bartavelle, niverolle, chocard, accentor alpine, crave, tichodrome, blackbird of rock and of course dahut! * (figures 1995).**(to see photo)



In summer, you can see the herds of mountain pastures also there.


The flora is also rich of more than thousand species including 15 single. Some are familiar for us: genthiane, génépi, rhododendrons, genevriers, cornflowers. Others are rarer: edelweiss, buttercup of the glaciers. Finally some less known have very poetic names: ancolie, euphrasy, daphnée, Benoite crawling, potentille luisante.


The inhabitants of the valley lived before 1960 primarily of the breeding and agriculture. The primary sector represents now less than 5% of the richnesses, tourism while bringing more than 65%.

This significant inversion in the distribution of the local activities gradually makes disappear certain traditions.

If you are interested in the history of our country and its inheritance, we invite you to visit the museum of Allues.

Also visit the church of Allues and its rétable baroque.


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